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Pentesting Services

Test your systems Never Been Easier

We are a team of ethical hackers and gray hackers with high knowledge in cybersecurity, we will test your systems and identify the vulnerabilities that put your company at risk. If you don’t know what type of pentesting best suits your structure, consult with our experts.

Don’t move, We’ll Handle Everything

Let our cybersecurity experts take care of everything, we will test your vulnerabilities under different stress attacks that will reveal where to start your cybersecurity.

White Box

In this modality, detailed information is available about the technologies, source code, user accounts, network maps, architecture, etc., prior to the start of work.

Black Box

In black box exercises, the assumption is that the client’s infrastructure is unknown; the pentesting team has no prior information about assets or users.

Grey Box

The team in charge of execution has partial information about the target, legitimate user accounts, information on the technologies to be evaluated, IP inventory, domains or other information.

Red Team

Red Team Scenarios to simulate Malicious Actors, such as Remote Attackers, Malicious Employees or Ransomware Simulation among others.

Social engineering

We use the human factor in pentesting tests to evaluate the level of awareness and achieve an intrusion through social engineering tests.

WIFI Pentesting

Security evaluation and WiFi intrusion testing through corporate networks.


Professionals Services

Our company has trained personnel in each area that we offer consulting, many of our supports are leaders in the world of cybersecurity, some of their attitudes are:


The process is easy!

Vulnerability scanning

We begin the search for vulnerabilities through intelligent applications and manually identifying between criticisms and false positives.

Cyber attack planning

We begin the process of exploiting vulnerabilities by classifying them by risk level and scope of data or destruction.

Vulnerability Report

We make a detailed report of the entire process carried out and vulnerabilities classified by false and positive, criticism and their level of data scope and destructive.
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