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It has never been so easy

Legal Lawsuit

Let our experts take care of solving your social media problems, we have helped more than 23,000 happy clients.

Why to choose Cybernetips

Social networks have become part of our lives, as users we never expect to lose our accounts due to hacking or banning, it is totally frustrating not to have someone who understands us and can solve our problems, here are some reasons why Cybernetips is the place perfect.

Best support

Our experts will be there for you 24/7, we are a trained support team ready to solve your social media problems. We are also the only formalized company in the world with testimonials and good results.

Our Mission

We understand the real importance of your social networks, so each case becomes a great responsibility. As a company, our mission is to provide quality service.

Our Process

We use totally transparent processes and for this we have three levels, technical process, direct support process and legal processes for small claims.

Our Team

We are experts studying solutions to your social media problems, we have more than 10 years of experience, we have helped more than 23,000 people regain access to their social media accounts.

Your entire life on a social network, we do this for you!


Social Networks support

How we work?

Cybernetips is the first company in the world providing solutions to incidents on social networks, we have different methods to resolve technical problems, hacking or permanent disabling, here we show you some of our processes.

Technical Process

Our technical team has more than 10 years of experience solving social media problems, we apply all possible methods to help us recover your hacked or disabled account.

Direct Process

This is a special process that we put at the disposal mainly of companies and public figures whose social networks are important for both the community and the affected person. We have access to panels and emails for direct help with META.

Lawsuit Process

Our legal processes consist of small claims through different channels ranging from legal teams to consumer protection entities, helping our clients to be seen by META and for them to make a better decision about your case.

Common questions

Your questions answered

Each case is different and the costs will be evaluated according to the complexity or the process involved in finding a solution.

Our company does not charge an advance fee, only if the case involves some type of investment, the client will be asked for an advance of a maximum of 25%.

Social media problems can appear at any time, that is why cybernetips created the first social media insurance where we assist you for 1 full year without additional costs.

Cybernetips offers a direct service with the client and from our experience we know very well what you are going through, understanding you helps us find the right solution.

Understand that META is a company with millions of users and receives thousands of help requests daily, which is why its support capacity is very limited and many processes are robotic, preventing the user from being understood and finally leaving them with no option.

The time will be estimated according to the complexity and the process that the case entails, in technical terms the process takes up to 15 days, in direct terms 7 to 30 days and legal terms can last up to 6 months.

Our technicians require some private information to be able to represent you in the processes we carry out, but we guarantee that Cybernetips will not save your private information, once we resolve your case it is completely eliminated.

We are a properly formalized company, we have more than 50 remote and internal employees, so your payment will help us continue to exist and be able to help more people on social networks.

Connect with us

If you have an emergency with your networks, do not hesitate to contact us, we will respond so quickly that your assistance experience will be incredible.

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