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Plans for all companies

Our platform was built to support the hiring needs of any team, from startup to large enterprise.

Business Essential

for small businesses

$ 3000
/ Anual
  • Social media premium insurance
  • Support with hacking problems
  • Support with technical problems
  • Cybersecurity consulting
  • Cybersecurity online training
  • Brand monitoring system
  • Antivirus protection
  • 24/7 support

Business Premium

for medium companies

$ 8000
/ Anual
  • Social media digital business insurance
  • Support with hacking problem
  • Support with technical problems
  • cybersecurity consulting
  • Cybersecurity online training
  • Consulting for cybercrime cases
  • Brand reputation management
  • Brand monitoring system
  • Legal claims support
  • Antivirus protection
  • 24/7 support

Business Enterprise

for large companies

$ 12000
/ Anual
  • Social media digital business insurance
  • Support with hacking problems
  • Support with technical problems
  • Cybersecurity consulting
  • Consulting for cybercrime cases
  • Cybersecurity online training
  • Website security implementation
  • Pentesting services
  • Brand reputation management
  • Brand monitoring system
  • Legal Claims support
  • Antivirus protection
  • 24/7 support

What service does our insurance cover?

Every detail matters and for us you are more than important, let our insurance do it for you!

Social media insurance

This is not only insurance for your business cybersecurity, it also provides you with premium and digital business service in full-service coverage.

Hacking support

If someone has hacked your servers, let our experts evaluate the problem, we can advise you, we can also provide you with support if the problem warrants it.

Technical Problems

If you have a technical problem that we can solve or advise you on, we will do it for you.

Cybersecurity consulting

Get any service from our range of cybersecurity consulting that you need for your company.

Consulting for cybercrime

If your company has a cybercriminal, our company advises you how you should deal with the situation.

Cybersecurity Online training

Let our team take charge of training your employees in cybersecurity, we will certify their knowledge.

Web security implementation

We implement security systems to your favorite CMS, prevent hackers from putting your digital business at risk.

Pentesting services

We test your systems with our remote pentesting services, discover your vulnerabilities and explore how we can make your systems more secure.

Brand reputation management

We manage your reputation on the internet, monitor and then mitigate threats, we do not mediate with offenders, we destroy them..

Brand monitoring system

We use advanced monitoring systems that allow us to listen to everything that moves and is created under your brand name.

Legal claims support

If we detect that a platform does not comply with our requests, we make minor demands directly to these companies through our legal team.

Antivirus protection

Through our partnership with Kaspersky we install security systems according to the level of your structure in this way we protect your company from the presence of malicious viruses.

Can’t decide which plan is right for you?

We create
this for you!

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Common Questions

You must choose the correct plan according to the category you belong to then our insurance brokers will approve your request.

Depending on the category of insurance you apply, we offer you solutions to possible problems that you may face as a user of the internet and social networks. Our insurance guarantees quick assistance in the event of any problem that may arise.

Only people who have been a cybernetips client will be able to receive a discount on our insurance, even if you are a new client you will be charged the value of the support and that value will be discounted for the insurance to which your category belongs, in this way we are the first cybersecurity support company that not only provides a service but also a guarantee.

Our insurance is a community fund that helps us report expenses related to the technical or support service that we provide in a situation, so together we are a great team of people, public figures and companies protecting us.

When you join our insurance, the services corresponding to the needs of your category are fully covered and you do not have to pay any additional cost. Additionally, our technicians will assist you in a more personalized way.

You can cancel your insurance whenever you want, including not renewing it, but you should know that once you do, we will no longer monitor your account and we will not be able to provide you with our services without additional costs.

Let’s work together

Get all the coverage for any cybersecurity problem that your company may present, don't lose your digital assets anymore, we did it for you!

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